Doing the Team Thing

In October this year our programming team met for the first time in a marathon session to program the worship runs for the November Sunday AM services.  I hadn’t used a team like this before as it’s always been easier and simpler to pick a theme and create a set around it in the pristine sanctum sanctorum of my office, undisturbed by the opinions and messiness of others.  Quick, clean, and under control.

But easier isn’t always (or even often) better.

I heard a quote from a book my buddy Jason Cole read that goes something like this:  "Do everything in teams.  Even when it doesn’t make sense, do everything in teams."  Today I’m very glad I’ve done just that.  The first two Sundays in November are the "firstborn" sons of our creative process, and if they’re any indication of what’s to come, there’s much reason to be excited. 

Just being in the room with this team during our brainstorming sessions doubles my boldness and my creativity.  The synergy that happens when creative people get in a room together to solve a problem is just enormous.  We integrated drama and video into the worship run itself for the first time since I’ve been here, and the results were far and away better than what I was doing. 

Way to go, team. 

The team came up with this idea for this coming Sunday:  in the middle of our worship run, we’re going to have the congregation sit and express their thankfulness to God on some 4 x 6 Post-It notes we provide (drawing, writing a letter, etc.).  When they’ve completed their note, they’ll stick the note to the inside of our auditorium windows.  We hope to get a "stained glass" effect.

I’ll have pics up next week. 


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