How to insult people

Seth Godin posts this picture today:



As my wife Amy would lament, “All those out-of-work English majors, looking for something to do…”

Two issues here: 

  1. How many people saw the copy on this and missed the misspelling of the word “or” (including you), and
  2. What does this say about what Dunkin Donuts thinks about the intelligence level of its customers?  Is ordering a coffee really all that hard?

Issue 1:  “Even when it doesn’t make sense, do everything in teams” (I gotta find out whose quote this is).  The more eyes on a project, the better the outcome.  Everybody makes mistakes–the error here is that there wasn’t someone to catch the mistake.

Issue 2:  Ordering coffee isn’t that hard.  I don’t need it spelled out. 

However, figuring out where my kid goes the first time I visit a church is that hard.  It needs to be spelled out. 

Knowing what the church’s expectation is regarding membership is that hard.  It needs to be spelled out. 

Understanding what I’m being asked to do when the preacher invites me to “come down front for prayer” is that hard.  It needs to be spelled out.


1 Response to “How to insult people”

  1. 1 Keith L February 13, 2007 at 7:26 pm

    Hey Byron. I think and I may be mistaken that Dunkin Donuts is actually being coy here. The craze for order a half-caf soy latte (ad infinitum ad nauseum) especially in larger cities has gotten so out of hand. I think that they’re mocking it by basically saying hey, you really only get a few choices here. I think…

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