Sleepless Night

It’s almost 4 am, and I’ve about given up on sleeping anymore.  My soul is restless for two reasons:

  1. We’re going to the hospital in about 2 hours where Amy will be induced and give birth to our second son, and
  2. The Lord won’t leave me alone concerning this blog.

I know there’s room in the kingdom of God for disagreement, but too often I express my disagreement in biting, sarcastic, wounding ways.  It’s especially easy to do so in this environment.  But the Holy Spirit has paraded before me tonight the images of dear people with whom I live and work at ______ reading certain words of mine, and I can see in their faces not inspiration but woundedness.

I’ve got some anger that I’m working through, yes.  ________ disappoints me at times, yes.  Working it out in the blogosphere may make me feel better and more justified in my anger, but at the end of the day it solves nothing and increases the woundedness in the world.  It’s not even helpful.  Mostly, it’s just mean.

I’ve taken down the posts that were written in my more angry moments.  I’m sorry for being mean and for not filtering myself better.

Thank you, Ryan, for calling me out.


Tweet, tweet….

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