Finding Facebook and Feeling Old

Typepad has this nifty feature that shows you the addresses of pages that link to your blog.  It’s very useful for seeing what kind of searches produce clicks, and for learning what other bloggers think about what you’re writing.  These links are called "referrers."

So back in March Incarnatus was getting referred by a page on Facebook, and in order to view the page I had to create an account.  It was simple and gave me the information I wanted.  I promptly forgot about the account until this week, when some friends discovered my page and began adding me to their Facebook network.

I’m pretty hip on tech things and get a lot of things about Web 2.0, but Facebook and Myspace are perplexing to me.  I don’t get it.  Add that to the fact that I’m 4 days into my 39th trip around the sun, and I’m feeling a little old and out of touch.

So I need a little help.  What’s the deal with Facebook?  What does it do?  Why would I invest time and attention there?  Why is it the second most visited site on the web?  Why would it’s founder turn down a billion dollars for it

Every comment that avoids the word "awesome" wins an Incarnatus literary award…


1 Response to “Finding Facebook and Feeling Old”

  1. 1 Chelle April 29, 2007 at 8:16 pm

    There’s nothing really exciting about Facebook. Originially, only college students could create accounts and find other college students. Which, you have to admit, is kind of a cool way to find fellow collegians and stay in touch. However, now it has been made availible to to the public. What does it do? It lets you create a profile with as much or as little information about yourself as you want on it, including:
    -Basic Info (name, gender, relationship status, etc)
    -Contact Info (email, address, cell number, etc)
    -Personal Info (activities, interests, favorite music, movies, books, quotes, etc)
    -Education Info (school, degrees, etc)
    -Courses (any school courses you’re enrolled in… if your classmates list their courses as well, you can click on a class to find classmates)
    -Wall (This is a message/comment board)
    -Photos (have multiple albums, no limitations on how many photos you post except only 60 per album; no limit on albums) You can also “tag” people in photos, which is linking that picture to his or her profile
    -Status Updates (this appears on what I refer to as the stalker updater on the “Home” page once you’re logged in. you can update your status, such as “Chelle is procrastinating.” and it will appear on the News Feed aka Stalker Update)
    -Friends (this section shows people you’re connected with ..friends.. and their networks. When visiting a friend’s profile, it also lists mutual friends)
    -Posts (events or groups or most anything you want posted to your profile to link somewhere else on the site; comparable to shares, I think. You click to “share” something and you can post to your profile or send it in a message to someone.)
    -Notes (Facebook’s version of blogging=bad)
    -Groups (anyone can create groups; there’s everything from serious clubs to ridiculous interest groups)
    -Events (Facebook’s equivalent of evite)

    I think that about covers it. It’s popular because you can easily post and share pictures. Anyone can buy advertising on the site, and because it is visited by thousands, maybe millions, of people daily… it may be worth more than a billion to the founder. Personally, I think Facebook as gotten out of hand. As soon as you log in, you are presented with the “News Feed” which tells recent changed/added/deleted items from your friends profiles. As I call it, the Stalker Update, I don’t care for it. Oh, and there is a new feature where you can buy a “gift” for a dollar to show up on your friend’s profile. New gifts availible daily. Other gifts sold out. Everyone started off with 1 free gift… more are $1. Apparently, this has also caused controversy, because its for a women’s cancer research pink ribbon sort of organization that supports abortion or something. I’m not as informed about that.

    Personally, I think I’m better off without Faceobook, but its too convenient for me to get on there, find classmates (know I have the right one because I can see their picture), and send them messages. I know what I do about it, because I keep my security/privacy levels almost as high as they can be. With “new features” added so frequently, it is becoming quite an obnoxious website that I frequently visit to change privacy settings.

    Now, aren’t you glad you asked about Facebook? I’m sure this is more than you ever wanted to know…

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