Facebook Again

Chelle gets the Incarnatus literary award for her comment on this post which avoided the word "awesome" and included this gem:  "…it is becoming quite an obnoxious website that I frequently visit…."  Love it, my thoughts exactly.  No further awards will be granted, and the category is hereby retired.  The money quote is from her list of Facebook features:

Courses (any school courses you’re enrolled in… if your classmates list their courses as well, you can click on a class to find classmates)

Ah-ha!  Now I get it!  Where was Facebook when I was in school?  How many times did I endure a class trying to surreptitiously figure out the name and dating availability of the good looking girl two rows over?  With Facebook, I could have figured out I had no chance within the first week of the semester, and spared myself so much agony.

Hugh McLeod also answered my question in this post with this little blurb:

Blogging works for me because I like writing and cartooning, which the medium seems well suited for. I am also fortunate that I have been able to engineer my life to allow for the vast amounts of time and energy a half-decent blog requires.

But people like me are the minority. Most people my age have jobs and families to get on with. This is why Flickr was so important when it came along. The people who just want to share their photos online with their friends and families vastly outweighs the number of people who want to spend four hours a day ranting on their online journals.

Web 2.0 is not about blogging, People. Web 2.0 is about Cheap & Easy.

I think that’s the biggie, here.  Facebook and Myspace give people a quick, cheap, and easy web presence with tons of networking possibilities.  It’s a blog you don’t have to write.


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