Goodbye Incarnatus, Hello VF

Welcome to my new blog, titled Vaguely Familiar.  Posts that predate this one have been imported from my old blog, titled Incarnatus–it’s good stuff, but I won’t guarantee that the links will work or that any of it makes sense.  While I was writing Incarnatus I was serving as the main worship guy in a local (Knoxville, TN) baptist church, and the posts had a lot to do with church leadership, culture change, and worship leading.  I’d do a personal post every now and then, but as that wasn’t the main thrust of the blog I tried to keep that to a minimuum.

Vaguely Familiar will be much more personal in nature.  I will continue to write about the church (this time as a layman), but you’ll get to hear much more of what’s going on in my life and family, particularly about my re-entry into sanity following 8 years of vocational church work.  Jump in, comment all you want, and I hope you enjoy!

 UPDATE (July 7, 2007):  I have decided to purge this blog of direct references to the two churches where I’ve been employed as a Director of Worship.  Where the name of the church appeared before you’ll now see “________.”  People who have this direct knowledge can fill in the blank, but I hope everyone will get the point that the name doesn’t matter.  If you see your church in what I’m saying, use that name.  It works.


1 Response to “Goodbye Incarnatus, Hello VF”

  1. 1 Jim July 9, 2007 at 9:38 am

    I like the look of your new site.

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