In Charlotte, day 2

Good morning!  We’re checking out of the hotel and getting ready to head over to the convention for the morning sessions.  We’ll drive back to Knoxville this afternoon.

Random impressions from yesterday:

  • I’m guessing here, but it looks like 65% of the people here at the conference have been with NAA less than 6 months.  This thing still has a “new car” smell on it.  It’s way early in the NAA game.
  • Favorite quote:  “I was at the summer conference last year and saw that they had people on the stage making real money who couldn’t even dress themselves and I thought, ‘Well, if they can do it….'”
  • It seems that making money isn’t hard.  Becoming the kind of person who makes money is what’s so hard.
  • Teachability reduces down to one quality:  humility.  I’ve loved seeing guys in their 60s talk about having to re-learn the insurance business from young studs in their 20s, and how rewarding it was for them.  If you can say, “I don’t know how to do this,” you’re going to be teachable.
  • John Maxwell is more of a superstar in this business than he ever was in church busniness.
  • If you really screw it up and leave your cell phone on during a presentation,  it’s one thing to have it ring the first time.  If you don’t get the clue and turn it off after the first time and receive 4 additional calls over the course of the day, it’s quite another thing.  It’s why there’s a hell.
  • Hanging out with people who make more money than me or rank higher than me within the organization is challenging me and stretching me right now.  I didn’t realize how accustomed I’ve become to being the pastor and hanging out only with people who recognize me as an authority figure of some sort in their lives.  That’s a pretty heady drug to get hooked on.  It’s so much easier to seek the company of people who want to be like me than it is to seek out the company of people whom I want to emulate.  It’s easier to challenge than to be challenged, but character is found in seeking the later, not the former.
  • Dreaming is fun.  Over a magnificent dinner together the Mattchews and I sketched out what could happen in the Davis Group over the next year if we get busy.  I’d almost forgotten what it’s like to dream big.

That’s it for today.  I’ll do a rather involved post this week about how I got here in my mind with NAA.


1 Response to “In Charlotte, day 2”

  1. 1 April July 18, 2007 at 8:49 am

    But B, doesn’t everyone want to be like you? 🙂 Sorry, I just couldn’t resist! You do seriously rock though.

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