What Would You Do?

Had an eye-opening conversation with best-buddy Jason Cole yesterday.  Jason’s really good at what he does, is transitioning between jobs right now, and consequentially is facing more options and opportunities for his future than ever before.  I’m really happy for him, but he’s still facing some hard decisions–where to live, what career path, etc.

We were talking about all the possibilities when he stopped and asked me, “What would you do if you were in my position?”

I used to be quick with advice and opinion when asked (and even when not asked).  There’s something in me that absolutely loves to hand out pearls of wisdom to people.  It’s the same thing in me that loves to be needed, respected, sought after, and admired.  Frankly, it’s the thing, the need that has been a major driving force in my life to this point.

What was so eye-opening for me yesterday was the fact that, for once, I didn’t have “you ought to do such and such” advice for my friend.  And, for once, I was glad.

I’m learning how limited my perspective is, and how I absolutely have no clue what I would actually do if I were in someone else’s position.  I only know my history–what I have done in and with the positions and situations into which God has placed me.  What I do comes from who I am, and who I am grows out of what I have experienced.  And the reason I am not in my friend’s position is that I haven’t experienced what he has experienced.

And God in his infinite wisdom has not granted me Jason’s position, probably because he knows I’d screw it up. 

So I listened and asked questions and told stories from our shared history when Jason and I worked together years ago. 

And we both became wiser and better without an answer, without knowing what to do.


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