A blogging dilemma…

So, here’s my dilemma–

The prime joy of blogging (at least for me) is having people read your stuff–there’s really no other reason to publish if you’re not actually interested in being read.  Otherwise, you’d simply journal into your sprial-bound notebook and stuff it under your bed at night. 

And so, to make sure people actually read your stuff (thereby pumping up your blog stats–whoohoo!), you have to be authentic and tell the truth in ways that challenge and inspire and incite.  Being boring and pendantic and safe is a sure way to not be read, and if you’re not being read, the joy of blogging isn’t quite there.

I now have yet another job that is in the public eye–I’m the chorus teacher at a local high school.  What I’m not sure about here is how appropriate it is or isn’t for a chorus teacher to have a blog that talks about life and religion and church in the ways this blog does.  I’ve taken pains to not identify the school here or the situation that led to my getting the position in the middle of the year because I don’t want this blog to show up on certain Google searches, but I know that if I continue to post, my kids will find me. 

On the other hand, I know there is more protection for this kind of discourse in the education world than in the church world, so there may not be an issue.  And then, on the other hand…

Should I dump this blog and start over, blogging simply about school and chorus and the community I’m now serving?  Should I keep two blogs–this very personal one and another that relates more to my new job?  Should I get a different hobby altogether?

Right now I’m leaning toward option 2–taking care to not mix the two.  I don’t see that working long term, but it may lead to a better decision down the road.  We’ll see.


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