The French Press

Last Christmas, the Lovely One my folks got me a french press. 

My gateway to coffee heaven

It’s a simple little device for brewing coffee–you basically dump your ground coffee into the decanter, pour in boiling water, push down the plunger, and presto!–you have some serious coffee.  With-sludge-on-the-bottom-and-foam-on-the-top kind of coffee.

It’s also rather messy.  You’re left with a gooey stack of wet coffee grounds to scrape out of the decanter bottom into the trash instead of the much easier filter-toss I’ve gotten used to with the coffee maker.  I enjoyed a couple of rounds with the press immediately after Christmas but grew tired of the cleanup, so it sat dormant for a while.

No, no–that’s not what happened.  I started working at West High–that’s what happened!

Mr. Press went camping with us a couple of weeks ago, had has gotten quite a workout since.  It turns out that the better coffee experience is so worth the extra, say, 30 seconds it takes to clean up.  What’s sad is how I missed out on a semester’s worth of good coffee drinking because I didn’t think I could spare 30 seconds a day.

Truth is, I can spare 30 seconds a day for good coffee.  I can spare 30 minutes a day for blogging or jogging or wrestling with the boys.  Heck, I can find the 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 30 seconds and do all that! 

Even when school’s in session and I’m running around like crazy.  Check that–especially when school’s in session and I’m running around like crazy.  If I’m too busy for those things, I’m too busy, period.

Welcome back, good coffee.  I’ll make sure you get to stay around when school starts back this fall.


2 Responses to “The French Press”

  1. 1 TheLovelyOne June 19, 2008 at 5:20 am

    While I would love to take credit for bringing such joy to your life with the gift of Mr. Press, it was actually your parental units who made this fabulous gift.

  2. 2 Jim Walker June 19, 2008 at 9:54 am

    Good for you. Sometimes its the little things and simple things that bring joy in life.

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