More Smartboard–shared file!

Update on taking attendance with the Smartboard:  I’ve added a widget to the right sidebar of V-F (you’ll probably have to scroll down to see it) and have shared the latest version of the spreadsheet I introduced here.  Feel free to download and fiddle with it, but please let me know of any changes you make that turn out well.  I plan to incorporate the best ideas and re-share as I go.

Notes on this version:

  1. I’ve started editing the workbook on my Smartboard PC, so the view and zoom settings are optimized for my screen in my classroom.  I like the full-screen view for the individual class sheets, 75% zoom.
  2. In order to better facilitate the full-screen view, I added navigation macros at the top of each class sheet (Jump to Home Room, etc.).  This way I don’t have to jump out of full screen mode to set up the next class.
  3. I also added a Term Calendar generator to the “Setup Term” sheet (it starts around row 18).  One of my concerns was making sure that students didn’t “Absent” marks on student holidays.  This was going to be a problem because the default status for students is “Absent” until they tap the screen.  My solution is to locate the “Post Week to Totals” macro right next to the calendar so I’ll be reminded to adjust the timestamps in the “Term Totals” sheet.

Not that I want to, but it looks like I’ll have to write up instructions on how to use the thing.  Or redesign it so all the pertinent macro links are on the same page…. 

Hmm….  Sounds like a good project while I’m at the beach next week.

Or not.


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