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So, my new job involves extended time in the car driving between Knoxville and the Tri-Cities, which allows for extended time for uninterrupted thinking.  Here’s my latest profundity:

 Potential is the difference between what you could have done and what you did.  Or (for us engineers / mathematicians),

Possibility  –  Performance  =  Potential

I’ve taken the decision in my life recently to minimize my potential, i.e., to measure my value more by what I actually do with my life instead of by my inherent talents and capacities.  It’s quite a challenging stance to take, especially for someone who has drawn loads of personal value from others’ opinions:  “You have so much talent, so much potential, etc.”  Here’s how it shows up in my decision management:

Just for today, I will invest in myself to become the best Byron possible.  I will not leave potential on the table.

Thanks, John Maxwell!


Let’s Try This Again….

So, I haven’t been posting lately, and it’s my fault, of course.  This always happens when I plan to do a doozy post about something big that’s going on in my life–I freeze up and nothing gets written.  For the last month I’ve been planning to spill my guts about my new career and the how and the why and the what it means to me, etc.  Only, I can’t figure out how to make it interesting to anyone who doesn’t already live in my head. 

And so the monkey stays there on my back, grinning and flipping boogers at me while I avoid the computer altogether.

Well, no more!  I’m just going to do a rapid-fire brain dump about my new gig to get things going again and cleanse the system.  Call it a pepto-post.  Here in no particular order are some random observations from my 5 weeks in the insurance business:

  • The biggest surprise for me:  I love commission sales.  It’s thrilling to know the only ceiling on my earning potential is my ability to learn and adapt.  Of course, taking away the ceiling also takes away the floor, and the knowledge that there will be no money coming in if I don’t produce is also thrilling in it’s own mortifying way.
  • The second biggest surprise:  I’m not terribly bad at this.  I’m actually doing well.
  • It’s one thing to “be in the ministry,” and another thing to serve people in need. 
  • Trying something new has been good therapy for me in the wake of my exit from vocational church work, like a deep-tissue-make-you-cry-for-mercy massage.  I didn’t realize the extent to which I had settled into my gifting and was just running out the clock.  I’m being stretched again.  It feels wonderful.
  • Traveling is fun, but there’s a limit to how many times a week a body can do fast food.  I have to figure out how to eat decently on the days when I’m in the car seeing people.
  • Vocational church work is actually good prep for sales, especially if one has a fear of rejection going in.  Worship ministry brings extra credit.
  • If you had told me 20 years ago that I’d end up building an insurance agency, I’d have pulled a Jonah and run the other way.  Maybe the church work thing was God’s big fish?

Whew.  That feels better, now.

In Charlottte, day 1

The conference is going well, and I’m loving these things:

  1. The Mattchews is good therapy for me.  We talked non-stop from Knoxville about, well, everything.  Lots of laughing.
  2. Ever since I committed to NAA, I’ve felt a little “out there” because my manager went and got married the week after I got my license.  He’s been a little busy, to say the least.  Last night I got to hang with him for a while, and I figured out he’s the real deal and really wants me to succeed.  I’m pumped.
  3. The highlight of the program yesterday was hearing Philip Hudgins, one of the owners of NAA.  This guy thought he had it made when he got a job building tires at the Goodyear plant in his hometown.  He’s now worth who knows what, but the remarkable thing about him is how down-to-earth he is.  The guy oozes authenticity, and I want to be like him when I grow up!

Gotta motivate the Mattchews out of the bed–I’ll check back in tomorrow.

Tweet, tweet….

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